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Cary Executive Returns From Middle East Speaking Tour

July 18, 2006
Mary Ellen Randall

Mary Ellen Randall, CEO of Ascot Technologies, Inc. recently returned from speaking in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Ms. Randall chairs IEEE's world-wide Women In Engineering Committee ( and was invited to speak about the Committee's initiatives during UAE's Women In Engineering Three (3) Year Anniversary celebration.

The UAE Celebration featured an Exposition, Presentations, and visits to businesses and universities in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Women In Engineering leaders from several countries participated, including Jordan, Kuwait and Nigeria. IEEE President Michael Lightner also participated in the week long events.

"The representation of Women In Engineering remains low through many parts of the world, despite the fact that women do well in engineering in general," said Ms. Randall. "The Women In Engineering Committee's mission is to promote the engineering & science to our students, raise awareness of matters relating to women engineers and support today's engineers, on a world-wide basis."

One means of providing support is through the formation of Affinity Groups. "The growth in the number of Affinity Groups worldwide has been tremendous. In 2003, there were just 11 Affinity Groups. Today there are 115 Affinity Groups with new groups forming every month," said Ms. Randall. "Many of these groups are student Affinity Groups from the universities. More than half of our Affinity Group members are students and we are excited about the impact that will have on our future."

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