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Do you check your membership or mailing list against another list?  Does it take many hours?  We can help with Ascot Agent Compare. Ascot Agent Compare helps you match 2 membership lists to find discrepancies. But what if the names and addresses don't match exactly? No problem. Ascot Agent Compare has a special matching algorithm which handles those discrepancies, like Bill versus William. It even handles the case where an office is used in one database and home address used in another.


* Ascot Agent Compare eliminates the matching entries so you focus only on potential mismatches.  This makes matching a quicker process.

* Lets you interact with mismatched entries and mark some as matching.  For example, if 1 record uses a business address and the other uses a home address, you can set this record to matching with AscotAgentCompare and focus on other questionable entries.

* Easy-to-use visual display helps you spot suspicious records.  AscotAgentCompare uses color coding to highlight discrepancies and makes matching easier.

* Gives you reports which contain

  • potential new members
  • mismatched entries
  • unlicensed members

* Uses a special matching scheme to eliminate many false mismatches


1. Find NEW members

2. Identify unlicensed members

3. Improve the accuracy of your records

4. Quickly find mismatches with state license data

5. Interactive analysis tool

6. Easy-to-read reports


What They Say

"HMMS helps us improve a patient's care plan through accurate, ongoing reporting and monitoring of patient readings. It enhances patient-physician communication through its transmission of physician- ordered medication changes directly back to the patient at home."

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