Best Cell Phone for You

what to consider

Picking a Cell Phone

(1) Determine which carrier provides the best coverage where you work and play. Although coverage may be great around a major city, we still hear reports of dead spots near lakes or mountains, so consider your personal needs for coverage. Check with others in those sparce areas to see whose coverage works best for them.

(2) What are your mobile needs? Is simple phone calling sufficient? Do you wish to text and email? Would you like your desktop functions on your phone, such as your contact list, calendar, shared files, web surfing, etc.? If you answered "yes" to the last 2 questions, you should consider a smartphone class device or even a tablet.

(3) What is your tolerance for new technology? Are you someone who always wants the latest device and will self education on all the functionality available on that device? Will you overlook a few "bugs" to have the latest technology? If you answered "yes" to the last 2 questions, you should consider the first edition of the phone you desire. If you answered "no" then you may want a slightly older model or one that has had previous editions. Manufacturers are constantly updating their software, making the phones more stable and easier to use.

(4) Do you feel you need a hard keyboard or will a soft keyboard on the screen be satisfactory for you? Try the keyboard to see which style you are most confortable with. Many phones are voice activated. If you have the opportunity, try the voice control. The keyboard becomes less necessary with a strong voice control option.

(5) Do you consider yourself a "techie" or do you prefer "ease of use"? We find that the Android and iPhone are great for web surfing. People who consider themselves "techies" may prefer the Android, which those who put "ease of use" first, may prefer the iPhone. Both of these device types have a great web experience and numerous apps are available to do almost anything you would like to do while on the move.

Decision Factors

  • Carrier Coverage

  • Determine your needs

  • Check the data plans

  • Tolerance to new technology

  • Keyboard or Voice Control

  • "Techie" vs. "Ease of use"


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