Mobile MLS

Use Your Tablet or Cell Phone


Wireless access to MLS data has never been so easy. Answer all your buyers' or sellers' questions on the go.

Use your GPS to locate nearby properties or specify the search area.

Search all property types.

Fast performing and easy-to-use solution.

Intuitive touch screen input.

Convenient access to advanced queries.

Results include map, color pictures and up-to-date hot list.

Combine this with our AscotRE trends product for a quick view of competitive sales.






What They Say

"HMMS helps us improve a patient's care plan through accurate, ongoing reporting and monitoring of patient readings. It enhances patient-physician communication through its transmission of physician- ordered medication changes directly back to the patient at home."

About Us

Our mission is to provide real-time wireless access to your data to give you an advantage in the market place.