Ascot's Products can be deployed quickly and also customized to meet your specific needs. Ascot's systems boast high availability and are scalable to meet your needs. Ascot's Products are easy-to-use and run on a wide variety of mobile devices and browsers. We keep up with the latest cell phones and tablets so you don't have to.


Ascot Home Medical Monitoring System (HMMS)

An FDA approved medical device that quickly and securely transmits physiological readings from a patient's home to a physician. HMMS transmissions are accurate and complete. No data input requirement for the patient!


Wireless Inventory or MLS

Need to access your inventory or MLS inventory quickly from a tablet or smart phone? Ascot's wireless solution uses the latest device features to assist you in locating the information you need quickly and efficiently when on the go!


Agent Compare

Ascot's Agent Compare is a data mining product that can improve the accuracy of your records. Agent Compare allows you to check your member records against state license data and quickly find mismatches.


Audio Flyer

Need a phone interface to reach your potential customers? Ascot's solution lets you provide your customized marketing message and tracks customer calls so you can follow-up with better service!



Ascot Trends provides dynamic, customizable graphs showing sales trends over time. Quick & Easy!

Fast Technology Pace

Let us keep up with the NEW devices so you don't have to!


We also provide custom solutions to meet your needs.


What They Say

"HMMS helps us improve a patient's care plan through accurate, ongoing reporting and monitoring of patient readings. It enhances patient-physician communication through its transmission of physician- ordered medication changes directly back to the patient at home."

About Us

Our mission is to provide real-time wireless access to your data to give you an advantage in the market place.