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Ascot Technologies, Inc. Wins Innovation Award

July 21, 2003


Cary, NC – Ascot Technologies, Inc. was recently presented with the Small
Business Award for Innovation from the Cary Chamber of Commerce. Ascot
Technologies received this honor for “thinking outside the box.”
Ascot CEO Mary Ellen Randall stated, “We are very pleased to receive this
Award as recognition of our creativity and passion for providing technology
leaps in the marketplace.”

Ascot Technologies, Inc.'s business is built on innovation. Since
inception, Ascot's focus has been to build skills in an emerging market,
build intellectual property, and provide leading-edge products. Ascot set
about to provide high-speed applications on cellular networks. In 2002,
Ascot introduced a product, AscotRE, for use by realtors which gives them
cellular access to their Multiple Listing Service information while on the
road, in a restaurant, or even on the golf course! This breakthrough
product required new technology to give high speed to both pictures and

A patent is pending on Ascot’s high speed technology. This high speed
technology is also being deployed by Ascot in Medical Applications.
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About Ascot Technologies, Inc: Ascot Technologies, Inc. is a Cary-based
software and system integration company specializing in wireless
applications, Ascot Technologies provides custom, semi-custom and
standardized solutions including medical, real estate, inventory management,
customer relationship management, and order management applications.

For more information, contact
Annette Cook
Office Manager
Ascot Technologies, Inc.
919 388 1776



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