NEW CTO for Ascot Technologies

March 1, 2009


Cary, NC – March 1, 2009– Ascot Technologies, Inc., an award winning software and systems integration company, announced that Grayson Randall has joined the company as Chief Technology Officer.

Mr. Randall, a former IBMer with 13 patents, will lead all the development and support efforts for Ascot Technologies, including new product development and deployment. He has over 25 years experience in systems design and architecture.

Mr. Randall is also known in the world of robotics for his leadership of the Insight Racing DARPA Grand Challenge team which boasts a finals and semi-finals positions in the highly competitive autonomous robotics races.

"Grayson will be a huge asset to Ascot Technologies, Inc. His ability to integrate systems and develop new technologies is unparalleled. We are lucky to have him on board," said Mary Ellen Randall, Ascot Technologies' CEO.



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Ascot Technologies, Inc.
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Grayson Randall, CTO

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