October 12, 2011


Cary, NC – October 12, 2011– Ascot Technologies, Inc., an award winning software and systems integration company, announced that the SmartInspect™ application it developed is now approved for distribution through the iTunes App Store. SmartInspect™ is owned by Core Management Services, LLC in Endicott, NY.

SmartInspect™ is an easy-to-use mobile solution that allows field inspectors/auditors to measure compliance to any preconfigured set of specifications.

For more information or for a subscription to SmartInspect™, contact Core Management Services at


About Ascot Technologies, Inc.: Located in Cary, North Carolina, Ascot Technologies specializes in advanced technology solutions for businesses. Ascot Technologies is a software and system integration company which specializes in mobile applications. Areas of specialty include Medical, Real Estate, Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management and Order Management. For more information, visit or call (919) 388-1776.

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Ascot Technologies, Inc.
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(919) 388-1776

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"HMMS helps us improve a patient's care plan through accurate, ongoing reporting and monitoring of patient readings. It enhances patient-physician communication through its transmission of physician- ordered medication changes directly back to the patient at home."

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