Ascot technologies announces new product

Cary, NC – October 12, 2009– Ascot Technologies recently unveiled a new product at the North Carolina Association of Realtors show in Savannah, GA.  The new product called Ascot RE Trends is a web based application which allows an agent to select a location specified by state, county, city, subdivision, or street and returns a graph showing recent sales trends for that location.  This dynamic tool helps agents respond to the rapidly changing real estate market with up-to-date information.

According to Ascot Technologies’ CEO Mary Ellen Randall, “We are excited to provide Ascot RE Trends to real estate professionals and believe it will assist agents in providing speedy, superior service to their clients.”

About Ascot Technologies, Inc. is an award winning software company specializing in the development of mobile and web-based applications (


Contact Information:
Mary Ellen Randall
Ascot Technologies, Inc.
(919) 388-1776

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