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Executive Appointed to World-wide Position

November 4, 2004


Ascot Technologies, Inc. President & CEO Mary Ellen Randall was appointed to the position of Women In Engineering Committee Chair (WIEC) by the IEEE Board of Directors at its 21 November 2004 meeting. The appointment is for a three-year term, 1 January 2005 - 31 December 2007. WIEC represents women engineers from around the world.

WIEC is a standing committee of the IEEE Board of Directors and focuses on important issues for Women in Science and Engineering. Retention, mentoring an educational issues are addressed by this committee, as well.

“With the relatively small number of women in engineering, it is especially important to support those in engineering, model the way for younger ladies so they enter engineering, and promote the excitement of our profession to middle and elementary school age girls. All these ingredients are needed to increase participation and promote diversity.

Those of us in engineering today, have a special responsibility. The Women in Engineering Affinity Groups help us fulfill that responsibility in a number of ways. WIEC gives us a network of professionals to draw upon, throughout our career. WIEC provides mentoring opportunities. WIEC also gives us model programs for promoting interest in science and technology among young women and girls,” said Ms. Randall.

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